Language Development


Building an early love of literacy is a critical focus of EEA’s mission. In addition to engaging in read-alouds, our explorers will participate as the stories are brought to life using interactive story boards, puppets, visual arts, and the performing arts.


Our infant explorers will have the opportunity to listen as stories are read throughout the day. In addition to listening to stories being read, our teachers will also provide numerous opportunities for verbal interaction with your infant.


Verbal interactions can include:


Narrating behaviors:

“you are rolling on to your tummy now!”


Identifying/Labeling objects:

“that is a red ball!”


Teacher self-talk:

“I am now pouring milk into your bottle”


Expanding sentences:

when a child says “go bye-bye”, the teacher can reply by saying “yes, it is now time for you to get your things and go bye-bye”


Note that these do not require any action on the infant’s part, but rather provide opportunities for stimulation and language acquisition for the infant.


Infants thrive on using their senses to explore. Our program and classroom environment invites our infant explorers to use their senses to understand the world.


Sensory Play:


Art and music will be incorporated throughout each day for our infants to be able touch, see, smell, and listen. Infants will have the chance to touch items with different textures as they read stories, finger paint, play with blocks, etc. Songs and nursery rhymes will be used to help our infants hear different sounds and learn new words.


In addition, our infants will have the chance to explore cause and effect relationships as they play with their squeak toys, push-pull toys, peek-a-boo, water pouring, etc. During these types of cause and effect activities, our teachers will ask the infant to see “what happens when..?” to help the infant see the effect.

Gross Motor Activities


  • Tummy-time
  • Crawling/climbing on our soft climbers
  • Rolling a ball
  • Opportunities to stand, walk

Fine Motor Activities


  • Push and pull objects
  • Place objects in containers
  • Open/close boxes and containers
  • Play with textured objects and fabrics
  • Stack Objects
  • Puzzles
  • Pointing at pictures/photographs
  • Painting